Sunday, November 15, 2009

Autumn Flocking and Mating

A garland of cranes folded by friends:

A walk to the altar with alligators and Bald Eagles as witnesses:

Successfully mated pairs must be good providers. This pair foraged all of Gainesville and scared up not one, but FIVE flavors of cake! The flock was impressed.

An avian centerpiece...

...and the avian guest list:

Did I mention that both the bride and groom are birders with mad skills, about a quarter of the guests brought binoculars to the ceremony, and about another quarter wished they had remembered to?

I hope my friends will have as many days as joyful and filled with the companionship of family and friends as yesterday. Long may you flock together!


Ali Iyoob said...

Mmmm.. The cake looks good. I know a couple who went on a 2000 mile birding trip for their honeymoon, where they got things like Baird's Sparrow and Black Rail!

Felicia said...

The cake WAS good! And this happy couple is headed off to (I think) Costa Rica for their honeymoon, with romance and Bellbirds on the brain!

dAwN said...

How very cool!

Anonymous said...

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