Monday, September 8, 2008

Admit It. You Like To Watch.

Of all the charges leveled against birders (we're old / dorky / tree-hugging fruitcakes / boring / embarrassingly bad dressers) this has got to be the strangest: We're not only tedious conversationalists with bad hats, but we're also promoting....PORNOGRAPHY! This link to a mind-bogglingly weird video was distributed to everyone on the Alachua County rare bird alert e-mail list (I'm not sure if this is its official name, but it is an e-mail list that goes to local birders interested in notable recent sightings.)

Speaking of bird porn, CNN reports that the carrier card for this year's duck stamp (basically a federal permit for hunting migratory waterfowl) contains an embarrassing error: instead of the phone number for information on how to purchase duck stamps, the card gives a number for a phone sex service.

Duck stamps are not only mandatory for hunters, but also a worthy investment for non-hunting bird lovers, since all funds from the stamps go towards the purchase of habitat for waterfowl, as persuasively argued here (go to page 3 of this PDF file), So if you haven't purchased your duck stamp yet (yes I know I should get mine), now you have extra incentive to do so!

Who says birding isn't sexy?

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Kevin Pierce said...


NEWSWIRE--A misprint on the federal "duck stamp" has a phone-sex-service number affixed to cards that are distributed to millions of waterfowl hunters.

She picked up the phone with seduce-and-flirt answer
But balked at my questions on Goose and Merganser.
I asked for some facts about Cygnets and Teals;
She teased of relaxing in fishnets and heels.
She said she'd act out as whatever I made her,
But rankled at Trumpeter, Plover and Wader.
I swore my intentions weren't odd or foul;
I can't help it if my hangup's waterfowl.

She hung up, but I have a waiting call:
It's my fate to call 900-MATING CALL.
Light verse, ripped from the headlines